Choosing a fly

All fishing gear can be supplied. The following is our recommended list:

9 ft graphite, 5 & 6 weight recommended - summer
9 ft graphite, 6, 7 & 8 weight recommended - winter

WF floating lines.
Natural colours are best for summer fishing e.g. spring creek green.
Line colour for winter not so important.

Leaders & Tippets
3X & 4X 9 ft tapered leaders.
3X & 4X tippet.

Dry Flies: Stimulators 8 - 12, Royal Wulffs 10 - 16, Adams 12 - 14, Humpy 10 - 14, Elk Hair Cadis 14 - 16, Cicada imitations 6 - 8. Nymphs: Selection of beadheads, gold & black, Hair & Copper, Pheasant Tail, Stonefly imitations, all 8 - 14. Weight is very important, should be hairy and scruffy!

Brown trout in the net

Waders & Boots
Light weight waders and rubber-soled wading boots (felt-soled boots are not allowed in New Zealand) over loose fitting pants or polypropylene and thick socks. Neoprene waders for winter or light weight waders with plenty of layers.

Natural colours, quick drying pants and shirts, polypropylene layers, fleece tops, rain jacket and brimmed hat or cap. (Jeans are uncomfortable under waders)
Polaroid glasses - amber is best.
Insect repellent and suntan lotion SPF 15 -30.